When shopping for innerspring mattresses, you may wonder how Beautyrest vs Stearns and Foster stack up. Both brands have been around for years and uphold a reputation for comfort. But when making such a large investment, in ultimately your health, you want to do your homework. So let’s take a closer look at Beautyrest vs Stearns and Foster.

Comparing Mattress Integrity > Beautyrest vs Stearns and Foster

Beautyrest versus Stearns & Foster

Number 2 in the mattress industry and known for its “unsurpassed motion separation”, Simmons revolutionized innerspring technology in 1925, with the Beautyrest Pocketed Coil technology. The high-performance, heavy-gauge coil system enabled greater body conformance yet less motion disturbance, introducing a new level of comfort and support to innerspring mattresses.

Since then, Simmons has continued to advance technology in the mattress world. With the Beautyrest mattresses, they promise to deliver Simmons standards of comfort, support and durability by using luxurious fabrics, durable foams and other high-quality materials, made here in the USA. Five Beautyrest models offer these features:

  • Edge support for sleeping comfort all the way to the edge of the bed
  • Energy Foam for greater stability
  • Transflexion Comfort Technology for comfort throughout the life of the mattress
  • No-flip design, eliminating the need to rotate or flip the mattress

The top-of-the-line, Beautyrest Black mattress, also boasts the Recharge Sleep System. A fusion of AirCool Memory Foam, Beautyrest Independent Support Technology and AirCool Design, this mattress promises you will be “Living Life Fully Charged”.

Stearns & Foster, however, became a new brand of mattresses in 1846, manufactured by the leader in mattress industry, Sealy. Known as one of the first US manufacturers to produce “luxury” mattresses, Stearns & Foster meshes luxury with handcrafted detail, promising a product “built right” and “built to last”. In fact, the Stearns & Foster brand places so much emphasis on meticulous craftsmanship, it takes twice the time to make a mattress, compared to other brands.

Stearns & Foster advanced coil system technology with its patented Intellicoil iD design, which is the only titanium alloy coil-in-a-coil design for indulgent comfort and optimal support. The brand wraps this high-performance coil system in luxurious fabrics from around the world (like silk, cashmere, cotton, wool and horsehair) for superior resiliency, breathability and durability. And certain Stearns & Foster models contain a layer of CaressFlex foam, for ultimate body conformance and comfort.

Stearns & Foster mattresses offer various features, depending on the model, including:

  • Exclusive Indulge Quilt, combining deluxe fibers with tension-relieving foams for added comfort
  • High-density, pre-stressed upholstery foams for durability
  • Foam-encased edge system for a comfortable sitting and sleeping edge
  • Luxurious fabrics including cashmere, silk, wool, cotton and Mongolian horse hair

Comparing Consumer Reviews > Beautyrest vs Stearns and Foster

When comparing customer feedback for Beautyrest vs Stearns and Foster, you’ll find that Beautyrest dominates in comfort, support and motion separation, but receives complaints about holding its shape. Reviews of Stearns & Foster also praise the brand for comfort but complain about durability and other features. Both brands offer a variety of models, which vary in price to accommodate your budget. Beautyrest offers a 10-year warranty while Stearns & Foster mattresses include a 25-year warranty.

While the winner of “Beautyrest vs Stearns and Foster” must ultimately be decided by you, Mattress Source prefers the high quality and comfort by Simmons Beautyrest. Check out the Beautyrest Classic, Beautyrest Elite or Beautyrest Black, for the ultimate in innerspring mattresses at a Mattress Source location today.

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