When comparing cool gel mattress vs memory foam mattress, you will notice one distinct difference—the cool gel. So what exactly does the cool gel provide and how does it differ from traditional memory foam? And most importantly, is it really that cool?

Cool Gel Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress > Studying the Similarities

Cool Gel vs Memory FoamBefore we look at the differences of a cool gel mattress vs memory foam mattress, let’s review the similarities.

  1. Foam base. Both gel-infused (cool gel) memory foam and traditional memory foam mattresses are typically made from a polyurethane-based or visco-elastic foam.
  2. Foam density. Also for either foam mattress, the softness or firmness depends on the level of foam density used. Density levels over 4 lbs/ft3 generally indicate a high-quality product. Denser mattresses will typically feel firmer and last longer but will also cost more. Also, thicker memory foam will usually offer more of a cradling effect than thinner memory foams.
  3. Body conformance. Because of its open-cell structure, cool gel and traditional memory foam mattresses respond to the weight and heat of your body but then return to normal shape once you get up. This body conformance is what allows memory foam to relieve your pressure points as well as any motion disturbance from a partner.
  4. Allergen Resistance. Both cool gel and regular memory foam mattresses resist dust mites, bacteria and mold, providing a healthier sleep surface.

So if you’re looking for the memory foam to relieve pain or motion disturbance while sleeping, both mattresses can help. And your question of cool gel mattress vs memory foam mattress remains unanswered. Let’s take a look at their differences.

Cool Gel Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress > Defining the Differences

While a cool gel mattress likely contains one or multiple layers of visco-elastic foam, it will also contain at least one layer of gel-infused foam, unlike a regular memory foam mattress. This cooling gel, or gel beads, get added or infused into the foam to increase breathability of the mattress.

The breathability helps dissipate the heat your body generates upon contact with it, providing a cooler sleeping surface. This appeals to some people who love the benefits of memory foam but find it uncomfortably warm.

Also, greater breathability may mean greater durability. With slightly less heat generated between your body and a cool gel mattress, response time (time it takes to return to normal shape once you get up) is shorter than traditional foam mattresses. Some manufacturers suggest that with a shorter response time, cool gel mattresses may be less likely to develop body impressions over time.

Because gel-infused mattresses are still rather new, it’s difficult to say whether they are more durable than traditional memory foam. But if you read reviews of a cool gel mattress vs memory foam on sites such as goodbed.com, you will find that users seem pleased with the cool gel results.

Of course, if you visit your local Mattress Source store, you can perform your own 15-minute rest test to help determine cool gel mattress vs memory foam.

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