In CoolGel vs iComfort vs Sealy Optimum, you are comparing three gel-infused memory foam mattresses made by reputable brands. How do these mattresses stack up against one another and which one rules the cool gel arena?

CoolGel vs iComfort vs Sealy Optimum > Sizing Up the Benefits

CoolGel vs iComfort vs Sealy OptimimIf you’re researching these mattresses from Restonic, Serta and Sealy, you may have already used The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide to determine which type of mattress will likely work best for you. But let’s revisit the benefits of memory foam mattresses.

With a traditional memory foam mattress, you will experience:

  • Ultimate pressure point relief for pain-free sleeping.
  • Minimized motion disturbance for sounder sleeping.
  • Resistance to mold and allergens for healthier sleeping.

Now, add cool gel to that mattress, and you will also get a cooler sleep surface, which has been a common complaint amongst traditional memory foam mattress users—that the mattress sleeps too hot.

Both traditional and cool gel mattresses are typically made with a polyurethane-based or visco-elastic foam core, topped with additional foam comfort layers. The softness or firmness of the mattress will depend on the foam’s density level.

If you want high quality foam, look for a density level over 4 lbs/ft3. Just remember that higher quality foam will make a denser, firmer mattress that will likely last longer but will also cost more.

One more factor to consider for your comfort layers is foam thickness. Thicker memory foam will usually offer more of a cradling effect than thinner memory foams.

CoolGel vs iComfort vs Sealy Optimum > Stacking Them Up

We all know the Serta brand, which has manufactured mattresses for over 80 years and boasts creations like its flagship Perfect Sleeper and the first tuftless mattress. And as a response to customer complaints about traditional memory foam mattresses sleeping too hot, Serta introduced the first cool gel-infused memory foam mattress—Serta iComfort.

But as the design for gel-infused memory foam mattresses evolved, it became evident that Serta’s iComfort mattress contained a fatal flaw. The gel-infused foam was buried beneath a layer of traditional memory foam, which seemed to defeat the purpose!

Serta has redesigned the iComfort mattress to put the cool gel layer on top. But many of the original models remain in stores. So if you consider a Serta, make sure your mattress comes with the cool gel layer on top.

Restonic was founded in 1938 under the name Triple Cushion Corporation. Although Restonic may not seem as reputable as its larger competitors, Serta and Sealy, it has established credibility over the years. The brand introduced Marvelous Middle construction, which even today offers extra support in the center third of the mattress.

And more specifically, Restonic has received a Consumers Digest Best Buy Award eight times, for its ComfortCare innerspring mattress collection. This award merits special attention from customers based upon eight criteria: performance, ease of use, features, construction quality, warranty, efficiency, styling, and maintenance and service requirements.

In response to Serta’s design flaw in the cool gel mattress, Restonic created its own gel infused bed, the Restonic CoolGel mattress, which incorporates the gel layer on top. Our preference in cool gel mattresses, the Restonic CoolGel memory foam mattress combines TempaGel technology wrapped in another cooling material that uses Outlast technology, so you get all the benefits of traditional memory foam with a truly cooler sleep experience. Plus, you can find the Restonic CoolGel mattress at Mattress Source for hundreds less than gel-infused memory foam mattresses at other stores.

More recently in 2012, Sealy debuted its version of the cool gel mattress with the Optimum mattress. The Sealy Optimum boasts 3-7 inches of memory foam over a 6-inch regular foam base, giving it more memory foam content than many competitors. Plus, with two inches of gel-infused foam in the comfort layer, the Optimum should sleep at least slightly cooler than the average memory foam mattress.

As always, it’s best to do your own 15-minute rest test in person to determine which mattress will suit you best. Visit a Mattress Source near you today and feel why so many customers have purchased the Restonic CoolGel mattress, and are sleeping better because of it!

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