If you’re debating iComfort vs Comforpedic, you have probably determined that gel-infused memory foam best accommodates your sleep needs. iComfort vs Comforpedic puts two leading manufacturers up against one another. So let’s compare these gel-infused mattresses from Serta and Simmons.

iComfort vs Comforpedic > Reviewing the Credits

iComfort vs ComforpedicFor over 80 years now, Serta has made major advancements in the mattress industry including:

  • a flagship mattress, the Perfect Sleeper, which combats five specific sleep issues.
  • the world’s first-ever “tuftless” mattress.
  • the Serta iComfort gel-infused memory foam mattress for memory foam benefits on a cooler sleep surface.

Serta created the first the gel-infused memory foam mattress to offer a cooler sleep surface than traditional memory foam. The Serta iComfort mattress contains a layer of Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, in which MicroSupport gel is infused into the memory foam. The gel increases air flow in the mattress so that it dissipates heat instead of storing it.

Simmons, on the other hand, has been making mattress innovations for over 140 years. The brand introduced legendary Pocketed Coil technology in the Beautyrest mattress line to enable greater body conformance and support while reducing motion disturbance in innerspring mattresses. Simmons also created the Recharge Sleep System for innersprings to allow greater airflow and ultimately a more restorative sleep that lets you wake up “Living Life Fully Charged”.

Simmons designed the ComforPedic from Beautyrest gel-infused mattress line to alleviate that “sinking in” feeling and heat build-up found in traditional memory foam. ComforPedic from Beautyrest combines AirCool Memory Foam and Support Technology to provide exceptional pressure relief, proper sleeping posture and a cooler sleep surface for rejuvenating sleep.

When reviewing the credits for iComfort vs Comforpedic, it’s clear that both Serta and Simmons have created mattresses to keep up with our changing sleep needs. So how do these gel-infused gems stack up against one another?

iComfort vs Comforpedic > Detailing the Differences

Obviously, in iComfort vs Comforpedic, both mattresses offer benefits of gel-infused memory foam:

  • Ultimate pressure point relief for pain-free sleeping
  • Minimized motion disturbance for sounder sleeping
  • Resistance to mold and allergens for healthier sleeping
  • Cooling gel foam for cooler sleeping

But iComfort vs Comforpedic do have their differences too. First, Serta’s iComfort mattress buries the gel-infused layer beneath a layer of traditional memory foam, which seems to defeat the purpose. Comforpedic from Beautyrest puts its gel-infused layer on top, where your body makes contact.

Next, Serta claims that the iComfort is 25% denser than other brands, offering a richer product with excellent support and durability.

Lastly, depending on the model, Comforpedics consist of low (2.5-3.5 lbs/ft) to medium density (4.0-4.5 lbs/ft) memory foam including 1 inch of gel memory foam. You will need to compare foam densities of specific models when truly comparing iComfort vs Comforpedic.

When debating iComfort vs Comforpedic, you will want to narrow down your choices within each line and check out reviews on neutral sites such as goodbed.com or sleeplikethedead.com. You should also visit a Mattress Source near you and consider our preference in gel-infused mattresses, the Restonic CoolGel memory foam mattress. After all, it’s your quality of sleep, and quality of life at stake here!


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