Mattress Comfort Levels

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Determine the Best Mattress Comfort Level for You – It’s Vital for Good Sleep

When shopping for a new mattress, you must first do some background work. You will want to determine what size mattress you need, of course. But you will also want to determine which comfort level best provides you ample support and comfort.

The support of a mattress will resist your body’s weight enough to keep your body properly aligned all night long. The support layer, also called the mattress core, may be constructed with innerspring coils, memory foam or latex foam.

Comfort, on the other hand, is delivered through one or several layers of comfort materials layered on top of the support layer. Materials such as firming pads, foam, Dacron, wool, silk or cashmere are used to create varying levels of firmness or plushness in a mattress.

Mattress Comfort Levels

You will find these six different comfort levels as you shop for mattresses.

  • FIRM – a very firm, yet comfortable sleep surface featuring multiple layers of high performance components for support, durability and long-term comfort.
  • CUSHION FIRM – a firm sleep surface with an additional layer of quilted components for enhanced comfort and body conformance.
  • PLUSH – a luxurious combination of deep down support plus layers of cushioning materials to provide a soft sleeping surface with superior body conformance.
  • ULTRA PLUSH – a plush sleep surface with even more cushioning that gives you uncompromising support but with luxurious “down like” comfort.
  • PILLOW TOP – a plush mattress with a rich, high-density multi-needle quilted pillow sewn to the top to offer support with the ultimate “cradling” or “cloud-like” comfort.
  • EURO TOP - an innovative alternative to offer the luxurious comfort of a pillow top but with the cushioning materials built in to the mattress rather than sewn on top.

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