Mattress Types

Choosing the Right is Crucial to a Better Night’s Sleep

When shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to determine which mattress type best suits your needs. You’re making an investment in better sleep, after all! Consider these mattress types offered at all Mattress Source locations.  bedroom where kids are jumping on the mattress, these quality fabrics are resilient, durable and above all, comfortable!

Mattress Types - Innerspring MattressINNERSPRING MATTRESSES

Still the most common choice among types, innerspring mattresses use various configurations of tempered steel coils attached to a strong border wire for support, encased in several layers of durable, resilient upholstery for comfort. The edge of an innerspring mattress features specially shaped springs or foam to support the sleep surface right to the edge, eliminating rollout and edge breakdown.

Innerspring mattresses come various levels of comfort and support. So whether you’re looking for some basically better sleep or rejuvenating, blissful sleep, you can find an innerspring mattress that suits your needs.


Mattress Types - Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses use visco-elastic (memory) foams, polyurethane foams, and even latex foams to offer a wide range of comfort, support and performance. They may be made of one solid core or several layers of foam laminated together. You will find memory foam mattresses in various thicknesses, densities and firmness levels.

Because memory foam mattresses conform to your body, they offer optimal pressure point relief while keeping your neck and back in proper alignment. The foam also absorbs motion, which means you’ll be less likely to feel your partner’s movements.


Mattress Types - Latex Foam

Latex foam mattresses offer the most natural sleep experience. Manufactured from the rubber plant, latex mattresses may be made with natural or synthetic latex, or both. The core of a latex mattress typically consists of several inches of high-quality (dense) latex or polyurethane foam for support, topped with several layers of softer latex or memory foam for comfort.

As a natural substance, the latex foam used in latex mattresses inherently resists dust-mites, mold and bacteria. Latex mattresses also remove body moisture, allowing you to sleep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The resilient latex foam core provides a consistent sleep surface from edge to edge. And while minimal amounts are needed to process the rubber, latex mattresses contain minimal chemicals compared to other mattress types.

The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide by Mattress SourceIf you’re still unsure which mattress type is best for you, download for FREE The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide by Mattress Source.  Or you’re always welcome to visit a Mattress Source location where our friendly sales staff will help you select the best mattress type for your needs.

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