Scandinavian Sleep Systems

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Scandinavian Mattress


Reduce pain while sleeping with Scandinavian Sleep Systems.

If you suffer from conditions that cause chronic pain, Mattress Source offers Scandinavian foam mattresses to let you sleep more comfortably again with fewer interruptions.

Scandinavian foam mattresses specialize in pressure relief to reduce pain associated with debilitating conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. And they may even eliminate pain from less serious ailments such as osteoarthritis and arthritis.


Scandinavian Sleep Systems consist of multiple layers of foams, like BioFlex Hybrid Foam, and other layers to provide unsurpassed pressure relief and support. Some models also offer organic cotton, bamboo, cool gel or latex for added comfort. The mattresses are handcrafted to provide you with therapeutic, rejuvenating sleep night after night.

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If you’re determined to find a mattress that finally relieves pain so you can sleep well and function at 100% the next day, consider a Scandinavian “pressure relief” mattress from Mattress Source. Visit a Mattress Source near you to determine which mattress feels most luxurious to you, available in Queen or King sizes:


Scandinavian Lavish Indulgence MattressLavish Indulgence meshes Scandinavian Sleep Systems’ basic formula for ultimate pressure relief with added support and comfort from thicker foams, an even sturdier core and cool gel infusion for cooler sleep.

You might consider it “The Worlds Most Comfortable & Ergonomically Correct Mattress”.


Scandinavian Sandmahn MattressSandmahn by Scandinavian Sleep Systems takes an already luxurious mattress and adds ingredients like organic cotton and bamboo to truly make you melt into a deep, deep sleep that allows you to wake fully rested each morning.

They don’t call it the Sandmahn for nothing!



Scandia Spa Comfort encourages natural alignment of your spine as you sleep on a naturally cooler, botanical surface. This mattress allows you the plush pressure relief of high-quality memory foams plus the cooler, highly supportive and anti-allergen effects of latex foams.

So, even if your back gives you struggles, your bed will help you wake up feeling rejuvenated.


Scandinavian Scandia Bliss Mattress

Scandia Bliss by Scandinavian Sleep Systems is creating quite the scandal in the mattress world. It combines Scandinavian structure with cool gel-infused memory foams and latex foam cushioning to gently stir you into a blissful sleep.

Its manly support and cooling features blended with girlish plushness meshed together for invigorating sleep.

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