If you’re considering a Serta iComfort vs Sleep Number mattress, you are comparing two different animals! Each mattress is constructed differently and offers its own benefits. So let’s take a closer look at each.

Serta iComfort vs Sleep Number > Talking Mattress Types

iComfort vs Sleep NumberAs a solution to the complaint that traditional memory foam mattresses produced too much heat, Serta designed the iComfort gel-infused memory foam mattress. While it contains some traditional memory foam layers, MicroSupport gel actually gets infused into one of the layers to create more air flow and breathability. As a result, the mattress minimizes the amount of heat your body generates upon contact, while still offering the benefits of memory foam.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Sleep Number beds dominate the air bed market. Using air chamber technology, Sleep Number beds offer adjustable settings on each side of the mattress, to accommodate individual firmness needs. People who buy Sleep Number beds often have conflicting firmness levels with their partners, or need the pressure point relief to alleviate chronic pain issues.

So when comparing iComfort vs Sleep Number, you are comparing a gel-infused memory foam mattress to an air mattress. Let’s take a step back and determine which mattress type best fits your sleep needs.

Serta iComfort vs Sleep Number > Understanding the Benefits

If you’re shopping for gel-infused memory foam beds, Serta claims that the iComfort mattress is 25% denser than other brands, offering a richer product with excellent support and durability. Like other gel-infused mattresses, the iComfort offers a cooler sleep surface than traditional foam.

However, soon after its production, it became evident that Serta’s iComfort mattress contained a fatal flaw. The gel-infused foam was buried beneath a layer of traditional memory foam, which seemed to defeat the purpose!

While the coolness of the mattress may be questionable, the Serta iComfort mattress still offers the benefits of memory foam. It provides:

  • ultimate pressure point relief for pain-free sleeping.
  • minimized motion disturbance for sounder sleeping.
  • resistance to mold and allergens for healthier sleeping.

Meanwhile, as an air mattress, Sleep Number offers:

  • above average pressure point and pain relief.
  • above average longevity.
  • adaptability to change over time, along with your sleep needs (like pregnancy or aging).

After reading reviews on sleeplikethedead.com, people seem to either strongly like, or strongly dislike their Sleep Number beds. Some complaints involve discomfort in the middle area where the air chambers meet, loss of air, noisy adjustments and mold build-up. While it seems that the manufacturer attempts to solve any customer complaints, below-average warranty coverage still ranks high enough to warrant mention.

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