While other smaller mattress brands enter the market, Simmons vs Serta still remains the most competitive match-up. After all, innerspring mattresses still comprise 80% of all mattress purchases, which is why these two mattress giants became popular in the first place. The Simmons vs Serta competition has heated up though, with new products to accommodate our ever changing sleep needs. So which name brand will serve you up sounder sleep?

Simmons vs SertaSimmons vs Serta > Reviewing Their Records

Both Simmons and Serta have stacked up some impressive statistics over the years. Even though Simmons has been around for over 140 years, Serta has served up their share of sleep innovations during its 80+ years in business. Check out their records.


  • Introduced legendary Pocketed Coil technology in the Beautyrest mattress line. This coil system revolutionized innerspring mattresses to enable greater body conformance and support while reducing motion disturbance.
  • Introduced the Recharge Sleep System, which allows greater airflow and ultimately a more restorative sleep that lets you wake up “Living Life Fully Charged”. You can find this in select Simmons models like the Beautyrest Black.

Meanwhile, Serta has made some marks too. Serta:

  • Introduced its flagship mattress, the Perfect Sleeper, to combat five specific sleep issues. The Perfect Sleeper has become a top-selling mattress.
  • Introduced the world’s first-ever “tuftless” mattress.
  • Became widely known for its “Counting Sheep” advertising campaign.

In reviewing Simmons vs Serta records, Simmons seems to have made more resounding impacts on mattress technology today, but Serta continues to battle away. And they may get higher customer “recall” marks due to their clever ad campaign. But how have the mattress makers been performing lately?!

Simmons vs Serta > Looking at Their Line-ups

Now, the Simmons vs Serta competition is heating up as other mattress manufacturers enter the market and new innovations get introduced each year. As mattress manufacturers become more knowledgeable about health issues and how to help solve them through sleep technology, they continue to offer new products and features to accommodate our needs.

As a result, current product line-ups for Simmons vs Serta offer mattresses to cover a full spectrum of sleep needs.

The Simmons line-up includes:

  • BeautySleep introduces you to the Simmons’ world of better sleep in innerspring mattresses, offering comfort, support and durability for years to come.
  • Beautyrest mattresses like Beautyrest Black (with the Recharged Sleep System), Beautyrest Elite and Beautyrest Classic indulge you in pocketed coil technology, allowing greater body conformance and support, while minimizing motion disturbance.
  • ComforPedic is a memory foam mattress offering body conformance and pressure point relief while maintaining your ideal sleep temperature.
  • Natural Care mattresses introduce a special blend of latex to eliminate pressure points and promote airflow that will help maintain your ideal sleeping temperature.

And the Serta line-up goes pretty deep, too:

  • Sertapedic mattresses offer Serta comfort and quality at exceptional values.
  • iComfort Sleep System offers gel-infused memory foam for more support and cooler sleep than traditional memory foam.
  • Perfect Day iSeries mattresses combine gel memory foam with the Duet Coil Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil support system for cooling, pressure-relieving comfort and support.
  • Serta’s Boutique Suite Hotel mattress collection offers luxurious hotel-like sleep surfaces that are double-sided to prolong the life of the mattress.
  • Trump Home iSeries mattresses combine Serta’s most advanced coil system with gel memory foam to offer pressure point relief and a cooler sleep experience.
  • Bellagio At Home mattresses provide a luxurious sleep experience using quilted latex foam with a premium support system that is the preferred choice of leading hotels throughout the world.

Clearly, in the Simmons vs Serta competition, both brands have lots to offer. You can always find customer reviews of specific mattress models at goodbed.com or sleeplikethedead.com. Meanwhile, if you need more help first determining the type of mattress best for your needs, consider downloading for free The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide. If you’d like to try out some of Simmons’ comfy mattresses in person, visit a Mattress Source location near you today!

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